Got 'gender' changed for Rs 1 crore to get married, became a girl, took revenge like this after being cheated

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Got 'gender' changed for Rs 1 crore to get married, became a girl, took revenge like this after being cheated

An incident of setting a car on fire by pouring petrol was reported in Kanpur, Uttar Pradesh. The car owner informed the police about the incident. After receiving the information, the police reached the spot and looked at the CCTV footage.

Only then the incident came to light. It was seen in the CCTV footage that a young man was pouring inflammable substance on the car, setting it on fire and then ran away from the spot. A case was registered on the complaint of the car owner. The incident took place at Shyam Nagar PAC Road, Rampur. DCP East said that investigation has revealed a case of cheating in love affairs. Two have been arrested. Late last Sunday night, a young man poured petrol on a car parked outside his house and set it on fire.

DCP East Shravan Kumar Singh said that Vaibhav Shukla, son of Anup Kumar Shukla had a close relationship with Deep Tanwania, resident of Janjeer Bagh police station, South Tukoganj PF Colony, Indore. Both of them were very close. Vaibhav proposes to marry Deep Tanwaniya. But also added the condition that gender will have to be changed. got gender changed Deep Tanwaniya, blinded by love, spent about one crore rupees in changing her gender. In which 60 to 65 lakh rupees were spent on gender. Apart from this,

surgery was also done on the body and face. In which about 40 lakh rupees were spent. After this she started looking like a girl. You can't have kids... During police interrogation, Deep Tanwania told that after changing gender, Vaibhav refused to marry. He used to say that you cannot have children. After all this, Vaibhav's behavior could not be tolerated by him. In anger, he reached Kanpur along with his friend Rohan. Where he reached Vaibhav's house on a rented scooter and sprinkled petrol on his car and set it on fire.

DCP East told Shravan Kumar Singh said that the location of the accused was traced through surveillance. From which we got information that we were going towards Indore by bus. Chakeri police station chased them and arrested them. Legal action is being taken against this.